Our Services

為了推廣產品、服務或品牌,您可能需要多個推廣工具。 在繁忙的日常工作中,毫無疑問,管理所有這些都會佔用您大量的時間。 通過為您提供一站式營銷解決方案,我們可以讓您專注於實現業務目標和進一步的抱負。 以下是我們能為您提供的專業服務。

  • 社交媒體短片宣傳
  • 社交媒體單鏡或分鏡直播
  • 活動花絮
  • 產品宣傳
  • 店舖宣傳
  • 政府資訊宣傳
  • 電影花絮
  • 微電影拍攝
  • 人物訪問及公司專訪
  • 動態圖像(Motion Graphic)

設計及推廣類別 :

  • 流動宣傳車推廣
  • 宣傳車車身設計
  • 平面廣告設計
  • 電車車身設計
  • 網上社交媒體平台廣告設計
  • 宣傳單張設計
  • 咭片設計

如欲參考5PM過往作品或取得更多資料,歡迎隨時聯絡我們 。


To promote your products, your services or your brands, you probably need more than one marketing tools. Managing all these will no doubt engage much of your time amid your busy daily schedule. By providing you with one-stop marketing solutions, we let you stay focused in pursuing your business goals and further ambitions. Below is a list of the fields where our expertise lies in.

Scopes of Video Production:
  • promotion videos on social media
  • Live show of single camera or multiple camera on social media
  • behind the scenes of events
  • product promotion
  • shop and corporate marketing
  • governmental promotion
  • movie making-of
  • micro film
  • interviews
  • motion graphics

Scopes of Design and Moving Showroom Truck:

  • Moving showroom truck
  • Showroom truck body design
  • Graphic design
  • Tram body design
  • Social media advertising design
  • Leaflet design
  • Name card

Should you wish to have a look at the portfolio of our previous works or have any enquiries, please feel free to contact us anytime.